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7 SMM Trends For 2023

With clip thinking, the value of time and nerves increases. If they still write to you about the poor quality of the product, then you will be informed about insufficiently attractive or even repulsive content much less often.  You can just "leave in English".

This has become especially noticeable against the background of blocking social networks and moving brands to other sites. Tens or even hundreds of thousands of subscribers got lost somewhere along the way. Subscribing to a tg channel is much more difficult. Imagine a long ribbon of constantly flying news in front of you. No one wants to clog up their account with unnecessary notifications.

In order not to lose the audience, you need to learn to anticipate its desires. It is important for you to keep your finger on the pulse. To do this, you need to involve your subscribers in communication. We will tell you how to do this in 2023, so that you will have a successful success.

Video content

Firstly, the Internets are not based on texts alone. The Internet audience spends about 19% of its time watching videos. In a telegram, you can cut circles.  And many other platforms welcome short vertical videos.

Video creation can be outsourced. The trend is now cooperation with ordinary users of social networks – creators. They know how to engage in cool content. Have fun there already, as far as your imagination is enough. From unpacking, reviews and humor to aesthetic videos.

The effect of presence

And now about the essence. The presence effect is when a user, thanks to viewing your content, is involved in the process so much that he feels as if he is standing next to you. He is not alone at this moment. He has you – a favorite brand. You can tell us about the history of the company: "Friend, look how it all started." Examples of using the product in real life: "And this is how we intersect in life." And so on. In conjunction with this, there is a mandatory feedback testing.

People are trying to find stability. If you are stable in their life, they will become happier. The audience in the search immediately wants to see their favorites. How is this achieved? Two words: regular posting. It is not necessary to appear on the air every day, but it is really important to maintain regularity. Site algorithms should not forget you.


Brands also need support. Collabs are not just about the physical product. Create content for social networks together. Subscribers will appreciate the union of two favorite brands.

Joint projects perform a large number of functions:

  • they form an audience;
  • entertain and inspire;
  • promote socially important topics;
  • they give an opportunity to "beginners" to prove themselves in different industries, and already experienced employees to exchange knowledge;
  • broadcast the values of companies

The duet reveals the advantages of each of the project participants. The scale can be different: from a joint post to large landing pages and offline events. Coverage of special projects in any case will take place in social networks. There you can also get a reaction from the audience.

Conversations about ethical/conscious consumption

About jars that can be refilled; about things from recycled materials; about clothes made of recycled material. There are a lot of topics for discussion now. This is more about the direction itself than about SMM.

In social networks, the trend differs in pitch. Social commerce is growing at a gigantic pace. At the same time, the purchase is not imposed. You are just helping to choose "the one".


The target audience is our favorite. But building a portrait based on stereotypes is no longer so effective. Don't be afraid to ask, "Who else?".

You just include someone in the general group. Someone you want to meet halfway. There is not a drop of medical in this word. Inclusivity is increasingly destroying stereotypes. Because the world is changing, and we have to adapt to it quickly.

Motivation: honest and positive

There will no longer be Shia Labeouf, who is furiously yelling "JUST DO IT!!!". No. Now we are stroking subscribers on the head and saying: "You're doing great right now. We believe in you." Of course, there is always a category of people who need a kick. But most get inspiration from the positive.

With honesty, everything is the same. Less of the surface: retouching, makeup, graphomania in texts. Requests for sincerity are growing. There are no perfect success stories, and people have already figured it out. Speak plainly. Acknowledge the difficulties. Deception will not be forgiven. People respond to sincerity.

Clip feed of information

"There are many of you – I am alone" is all that can be said about the overabundance of information on the Internet. Now it is more convenient to perceive information in blocks. People also respond well to vivid images and visual accents. The formula is extremely simple: 1 post = 1 topic.

Don't think your audience is stupid. It is simple impossible to cram in the uninspired. Long texts and complex topics also arouse interest. Adapt them.

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