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How Much Do Freelancers Earn?

Statistically, in 2020, when asked "What do you do for a living?" 20% of people answered, "Freelancer."

And in 2021 their number increased fivefold.

These figures indicate that more and more people are moving into the field of remote employment and stay there quite comfortably. And that means making enough money from freelancing to support yourself and maybe even an entire family.

According to the well-known freelance exchange, most freelancers are attracted to work in these areas:

  • 58% — design/graphics;
  • 46% — Web site development and maintenance;
  • 38% — programming;
  • 32% — texts/copywriting;
  • 24% — advertising/marketing.

How much can you earn in popular freelance professions?

System administrator

The main task of the sysadmin is to monitor the health of the software and hardware, the protection of the network from threats, and so on. The duties of the sysadmin can be performed remotely, which simplifies the work of a specialist. For example, you can engage in the modernization of the information infrastructure.

Average salary: 3.500 € / month

Software Test Engineer

Software Test Engineers are involved in testing programs and applications at all stages of development. Their main task is to find bugs in the code, provide recommendations on how to fix them, select various development tools, improve the work of the products, and so on. The profession itself can be divided into several areas: load testing, usability testing, security testing, manual and automated testing.

Average salary: 3.300 € / month

Web Designer

Web designer (as well as a programmer) - this is one of the most in-demand freelance professions, not only at the moment, but in general. Representatives of this profession can create page layouts, draw prototypes and more. Basically, it's a person who works on the appearance of the site. He chooses which elements will be presented on the page and in what order they will be reflected on users' monitors.

Average salary: 4.400 € / month

Graphic Designer

If the work of a web designer is aimed at the design of the digital segment, that is, websites, applications, and so on, then the work of a graphic designer occurs with the company or brand as a whole. A graphic designer develops various logos, designs business cards and booklets, ads, brochures and other things, is engaged in the design of infographics, works on packaging and product design in general. He can also do room styling, window displays, even coffee boxes and more. The work requires virtually the same knowledge and skills as web design, that is, knowledge of computer science and everything related to drawing.

Average salary: 3.500 € / month

Motion Designer

Creating animated graphics is a relatively new direction for the market in freelancing, but this profession is already quite in demand. Specialists in this area create a variety of splash screens, captions, trailers and teasers, promotional materials, presentation videos and much more. It is used almost everywhere: in television, the film industry, business, education, marketing and other areas.

Average salary: 5.000 € / month

Internet Marketer

This is a specialist of a fairly wide range, which deals with the promotion of companies in the network. The work involves interacting with different types of advertising, Influencers, content creation, and more. This profession will remain on the market for a long time, because one of the main tasks of any business is its promotion in the market.

Average salary: 5.200 € / month

SMM Specialist

If the task of Internet marketer - promotion of the company among the target audience on the Internet as a whole, the SMM-specialist is mainly engaged in promotion in social networks. Typically, he promotes products and companies through branded profiles, through bloggers and other methods that work in social media.

Average salary: 5.000 € / month

SEO Specialist

You can promote client sites in search engines not only by placing contextual advertising, but also through site optimization. This is done by SEO-specialists. Their main purpose - to increase traffic and raise the position of the site in search results when users query. To do this, they create a semantic structure of the site and pages (the semantic purpose of each block and the logical structure of the document), analyze competitors and the market, and then conduct internal and external optimization to achieve a given goal.

Average salary: 4.000 € / month


One of the most affordable freelance professions is a copywriter. The main task of a copywriter is to write custom texts for subsequent publication on the Internet. Such texts can serve different purposes: to tell the audience about a new product, encourage customers to buy it, maintain interest, and so on. Such a specialist must be able to present thoughts accurately and beautifully, quickly absorb new material, master the different styles of writing that will be needed in different texts, and, of course, write correctly and without errors.

Average salary: 3.700 € / month

The above are just a few options for in-demand freelance professions. In fact, there are many more. As in any other job, freelancing is very important for self-organization and the possession of certain skills for each of the chosen professions. After all, you have to deal with real customers who want to get a quality result from a professional of his craft.

As for earnings, it also depends on the freelancer. More orders - more money. However, it is worth watching their number, because in an attempt to keep up with a bunch of orders you can forget something from those already taken, and it entails a loss of credibility.

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