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Witchers In The World Of Hacking

Have you ever dreamed of playing pirate? Well, there is a modernized version – bughunting. This article will be useful for IT beginners and those who are looking for additional earnings.

You can help clean up the Internet. Yes, just like when clearing dungeons in Diablo. If you have enough knowledge about how servers work, then you will like it. There are even special programs – Bug Bounty – that give out rewards for errors found. They are connected to "Facebook" and "Google"

The most famous Bug Bounty platforms:

HackerOne and Bugcrowd are considered to be the most popular platforms among bughunters, as new orders appear on them most often. The fatter the error, the more money. There is also a rating system there. With a high rating, you will have access to a private program. There the tops are already placing more serious tasks.

Both the work itself and the training in this direction presuppose independent search and self-education. But anyone who has enough knowledge and skills can start – hunters only need a competent report with the errors found. You will not need certificates and diplomas.

Here are the tools and knowledge you will need when searching for bugs:

  • All about testing: methods, types and types, be able to work with different design patterns;
  • Understand the architecture of web applications;
  • Understand how HTTP, DNS, TCP protocols work;
  • Know programming languages (Python, Java, MySQL, PHP, etc. – again, the number here is the advantage)
  • Practice on simulators, for example, "Hack The Box";
  • Read additional literature and study open reports on vulnerabilities found (they are also available on the HackerOne website);
  • Develop non–standard thinking - logic simulators will definitely help you approach the search more carefully.

Courses, various online simulators and platforms will help you. The main thing is desire. So go ahead for the profit!

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