Rhonda Roberts

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About me

For a long time I was sure that I would develop my profession as a translator and specialize exclusively in languages. But as soon as I discovered design, I realized that I really have found a business in which I am ready to work, develop and learn forever.So my Hard Skills: Figma-10/10,Canva-10/10,Adobe illustrator-7,5/10,Adobe After Effects-6,5/10,Adobe Photoshop-8/10. Also: design methodology, Wireframing, interactive design, typography, composition, generation and visualization of interface solutions, copywriting, research and analysis, visual communication and briefing, English language skills. I'm also currently studying Blender.Soft Skills: Communication, time management, teamwork, responsibility, self-development and self-organization. Such a little acquaintance came out, I will be glad if you look at my portfolio, which I will send you on request.

Age: 27