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I have been using the Work2 service for almost 2 years. It's ideal for me. I have already worked with very interesting clients. With someone we have already completed more than one project and they turn to me again and again. Here is a convenient payment system and you are sure that if you complete your task, you will definitely receive payment))
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Clients about freelancers

  • Charlotte Harrington On service 20230312
    Rating: 4.6
    6 reviews

    As always the performer was pleased with the quick execution of the order. The order was completed taking into account all my requirements - once again, thank you very much for that. Always answered m  Read more

  • Brian Sharp On service 20230301
    Rating: 5
    13 reviews

    Thank you very much for the work done. Everything was done according to plan. No complaints. Enjoyed and unexpected bonuses! It is glad when you deal with a professional. We will definitely do it agai  Read more

  • Philip Carpenter On service 20230212
    Rating: 4.8
    16 reviews

    In the shortest possible time the assigned task was completed. Qualitatively, quickly and without problems. I will only turn to you in the future.

  • Raymond Weaver On service 20230302
    Rating: 5
    9 reviews

    The result was achieved in just over 24 hours. The order was received on the day it was placed. We recommend this performer. We will order more and not only these services.

  • Martha Lawrence On service 20230228
    Rating: 4.7
    3 reviews

    Among the huge number of performers to whom I wrote - this was the one I chose because of the rapid response and willingness to proceed immediately to the execution! What I ordered received, which is  Read more

  • Leslie Malone On service 20230225
    Rating: 4.1
    11 reviews

    Everything is great! Got my service in full and even a little more! They made me a very high quality website, within the time frame I needed! It's nice to work with such responsible people! Thank you!  Read more

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What is the service for?
Work2 is a platform on which specialists remotely perform tasks for customers and earn money from them. Every day users negotiate cooperation in personal messages, accept payment through the secure transaction service, and leave feedback on the work done. On Work2, it's easy to find a specialist to solve any personal or business tasks. All you need to do is create a task, and performers will respond to it themselves. Executors, in turn, can find assignments for themselves in the field in which they are professionals. In order to start earning money at Work2, you need to leave a response to the selected task, discuss the details with the customer and proceed with the execution.
How do I create a task?
Fill out the task card in as much detail as possible: add a description of the service, budget, photos or references, deadlines, and quality indicators. Specify the date when you need to start the work. Publish it. Your assignment is now visible to performers.
How do I choose a performer?
There are two ways to choose a performer on Work2: First, you choose a performer yourself in the "Performers" tab. For convenience, you can select the desired categories of performers. Each performer has his or her own profile, where you can learn about the work experience, look at the portfolio and contact the performer. You can write to the performer in private messages with a proposal for the task. Second - you choose performers who have already responded to your task. Your assignment page will show the responses from performers who are ready to help you with the task. To view a performer's profile, click on their response. Once you've made your selection, click "Select".
How to negotiate a deal?
At Work2 you can negotiate a deal in private messages. Payment for completed work is made through the Safe Deal service, i.e. money is transferred to your bank card after the task is successfully completed. Do not send an advance payment to your card, and do not choose the most expensive or cheapest offer. Wait for several responses to your assignment and choose the offer that suits you best.
How to become a performer?
To become a performer at Work2, all you have to do is fill out a profile. Describe how you can be useful and your main advantages. Save it. Now your profile is visible to customers and you can respond to jobs.
How to make money on the service?
A few tips to start earning money on Work2: 1. Leave as much feedback as possible. 2. Write detailed responses. 3. be polite. 4. Don't overprice or underprice. 5. Try to give the client more than what they paid for - so you can leave a good impression and maybe the client will come back to you with a new task. After successfully completing the task you will receive the money on your bank card.
About the service
Work2 helps you find specialists for any remote tasks. For example, to find someone to do the website layout, write articles or create logos.