What do we offer?

New opportunities
  • Ambitious and interesting tasks
  • Opportunity to take the initiative and see the result of your work
Strong team
  • We participate in specialized
    conferences and attend it together
  • We select not only professionals, but also those who are close to us in spirit
Team care
  • Official registration
  • Corporate events.
  • Decent reward
  • Ability to work both in the office and remotely from home
  • Full-time employment
  • Workplace bonuses and premiums

We are looking for

Senior/Middle Frontend Developer
What is to be done
  • 01 Create new blocks and new pages on the client side.
  • 02 You will need to develop and improve the design system. Create new components and add them.
  • 03 Optimize the assembly of pages and blocks on the front, improve Core Web Vitals metrics.
  • 04 If you want, you can try your hand at the Node.js backend - help in dividing a monolithic application into services.
  • What do you need to join us
  • 01 Product development experience in TypeScript, fluency in this language.
  • 02 Knowledge of React at the level of building and optimizing complex interfaces.
  • 03 Experience of writing Unit and integration tests.
  • 04 Ability to typeset (HTML/CSS).
  • 05 Experience in design and technology selection.
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    Product Analyst
    What is to be done
  • 01 Create new blocks and new pages on the client side.
  • 02 Explore the current tools to organize the work of the freelancers and client.
  • 03 Help create the service catalog. There is a lot of research to be done and knowledge about which way to go.
  • 04 Learn how to answer questions about the influence of the specialist profile on the choice of the client.
  • What do you need to join us
  • 01 Two years experience in product analytics.
  • 02 Knowledge of Python.
  • 03 Knowledge of any dialect of SQL.
  • 04 Knowledge and understanding of mathematical statistics
  • 05 Experience in conducting A / B tests - from design to decision-making after the results. Initiative. Many of our processes are imperfect. It would be great if you could rebuild some of them and explain to us why it's better.
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