Terms of use



Using the Service of WORK2.PRO (including viewing it, registering and logging in, using the services offered through it by the Company) governed by the rules set forth in these rules. Therefore, carefully read its contents, which we present below. Service WORK2.PRO available on the website: https://work2.pro and through the mobile app.

You must read, agree to, and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in the Rules, as well as the related Documents, to use the Service WORK2.PRO. The company considers your use of the Service WORK2.PRO as acceptance of the terms of these Rules and related documents.

If you do not accept these Rules or related documents, you must not access the services of the Service WORK2.PRO after the Last Updated date. For more detailed policies regarding the operation and use of the Service, please access the designated sections herein.

We reserve the right to revise these Terms of Use of the Service and all related information from time to time at our sole discretion by updating this publication or any related information. Unless otherwise provided in such a revision, the revised terms come into force from the moment of their publication.


1.1. Administration and/or Company — WORK2ONLINE PORTAL RESALE sp. z o.o., the incorporated software developer located at Poland, 00-545, Warsaw, Marshalkovskaya str., No. 58, taxpayer identification number 7011101636.
1.2. Service WORK2.PRO — is an online platform managed by a Company that allows Customers of professional services (Customers) to search for, conclude and manage transactions with sellers of professional services (Specialist or Freelancer), and Specialists to submit their Offers and provide services.
1.3. User — is any visitor to the Service (freelancer, Specialist, partner or customer) who has reached the age of 18 or has full legal capacity, a legal entity, an organizational unit that is not a legal entity, but is able to acquire rights and assume obligations under the Service on its own behalf and use the resources of the Service without registration and/or with registration.
1.4. Task — is an informational message posted on the Website ин the Customer and addressed to Users.
1.5. The Customer — is the User who posted the Task in the Service, in accordance with the rules for posting and executing the Task.
1.6. Database of Specialists — a data bank (databases) containing information about Specialists and / or Services of Specialists.
1.7. Verified User is a User who has passed the Registration procedure, in accordance with the provisions of section 3 of these Rules, in order to carry out a cash withdrawal operation and to obtain the “Verified” status.
1.8. A Partner is a legal entity that has entered into a civil law contract with the Company for the provision of certain services in order for the Company to fulfill its obligations to the Users of the Service, as well as for the provision of other services related to the provision of the functionality of the Service (payment systems or other services that deliver, hold or receive payments, services for SMS notifications, etc.).
1.9. A Specialist is a User who sells his services through the Service and is selected by the Customer for completing the Task.
1.10. A Portfolio is a collection of samples of a Specialist's work.
1.11. Personal account (Account) User — an account created by the Service when registering a User (as a Specialist or customer) for the purpose of selling their services and/or ordering services. The account is intended for viewing and managing the available functionality of the Service, as well as storing personal data, information about the User's activities, photos, and account images, examples of work, information about previously completed work, skills, ratings and reviews, as well as the User's name. The specified information is visible to all users of the Service. Access to the Account is provided by a unique email address (login) and password provided by the User. A User's account can only be linked to one email address. 
1.12. Service Services — services provided to Users, including Verified Users, the list of which is specified in clause 2.1. Rules.
1.13. Service Remuneration is a commission set by the Company within the framework of the Service: for crediting funds to the User's Balance, for withdrawing funds from the User's Balance, for using the "Safe Transaction" service.
1.14. Balance WORK2.PRO this is a virtual wallet that is automatically credited to the User's account, allowing him to make an advance payment for using paid services of the Service or pay for the Services of a Specialist. Prepayment can be made through one of the following services Wise, Stripe, FinexIQ. 
1.15. The Task Price is the cost approved by the Customer and the Specialist for the execution of the Agreed Task (the cost of the Specialist's work without taking into account the Customer's expenses for making non—cash payments with the Specialist). The price of the Task is set in Euro currency and is determined by agreement between the Customer and the Specialist.
1.16. A Potential Customer is a user of the Service, who, having logged into his Account in the Service, interacts with the Specialist's offers, which consist in the following: (a) sending a message to the Specialist using the contact form or (b) disclosing the phone number to the Specialist, if it was specified in the Assignment.
1.17. Offer (Response) — an offer posted by the User and addressed to the Customer in any form, including expressed in an action indicating (potential) interest in the Task, containing at least the last name, first name of the sender or other information.
1.18. Agreed Task is an agreement concluded between the Customer and the Specialist by choosing the Specialist by the Customer, using the terms of these Rules.
1.19. RIA is “the result of intellectual activity” for short.
1.20. Login — the User's email address, chosen by him during registration and used by him in the process of using the Service. It is forbidden to register and use several Logins by the same User.
1.21. Password is a string of alphanumeric characters required for Verification (user identification) when accessing the Account, determined by the User during the registration process on the Service;
1.22. Feedback is the User's subjective opinion about the Task, expressed in the form of ratings and/or verbal comments on the Service.
1.23. Specialist's Works — works and/or services (hereinafter referred to collectively as "Work") performed and/or rendered by a Specialist under this Agreement on the basis of a Offer. 
1.24. Obsolescence of a Task and/or an Offer — is a situation in which (1) the Task and/or Offer has been deleted or (2) the User has made changes to the Task and/or Offer in such a way as to indicate that it relates to a Task and/or Offer different from the one to which it applied initially.
1.25. Arbitration means the service described in section 10 of the Rules.
1.26. Secure transaction is an information service available in the Service, more detailed information about which is contained in the Service and in this Agreement.
1.27. A Card is a type of payment card of a payment system as a non—cash payment instrument intended for the Cardholder to perform operations with funds held by the Issuing Bank through the Service.
1.28. Payment services (Partners) — payment systems services Wise, Stripe, FindexIQ.
To use the Service, the Use must accept:
- Wise Terms of Use, Wise Private Police, Wise Cookie Policy and other Wise document necessary to work with the Wise;
- FindexIQ Public offer, FindexIQ Cookies policy, FindexIQ Personal data protection policy and other FindexIQ document necessary to work with the FindexIQ;
- Stripe Privacy & Terms and other Stripe documents necessary to work with Stripe.
1.29. Law — Law of July 18, 2002 on the provision of services in electronic form.
1.30. Force majeure is a foreign policy event, independent of the parties to the legal relationship, the occurrence of which the party affected by force majeure could not reasonably foresee and which could not be prevented, and which does not allow this party to permanently or temporarily exercise its rights or obligations, in particular, on the basis of relevant legal relations.
1.31.  Service Content — comments, articles, news, reviews, ratings or other content posted by the User on the Service. The ability to post Content is provided only to those Users who have registered an account after logging in to the Account.
1.32. Registration form — a special html-form provided on the Service at https://work2.pro, upon completion of which, the User expresses his consent to the terms of this Agreement and expresses his intention to become a Specialist and / or Customer, as well as to receive information about the service and so on.
1.33. Affiliate Program — The Company allows Users to send links to the Service to potential new Users, as well as promotional materials about the provision or purchase of services through the WORK2.PRO Service. Individuals receiving such links and notifications who register with the Affiliate Program and become referrals should be aware that WORK2.PRO stores the information used in the Registration for the sole purpose of tracking the program's success.
1.34. Moderation is the review and verification by the Company of the data and other information provided by Users during Registration in the Service for its compliance with the accuracy, the provisions of these Rules and legislation.
1.35. Support Service is the Company's service that helps process requests from Users, is responsible for receiving reports from Users, and also controls and moderates the information posted as part of a Task or Offer, as well as other content.
1.36. Verification Service means system SumSub, which provides the services of Users’ verification. The User must accept the SumSub Terms of Use, Privacy notice, Сookie policy and other SumSub documents necessary to work with the SumSub
1.37. Regulatory documents are the following documents:
1.37.1. these Rules are available at: https://work2.pro/agreement
1.37.2. Privacy and Personal Data Processing Policy, available at:https://work2.pro/privacypolicy 
All Regulatory Documents, regardless of whether they are applicable to a particular User, always act as annexes to this Agreement, are its integral part and have the same legal force and effect as if they were defined or reproduced in the main part of the Agreement, and any reference to the Agreement includes a reference to all Regulatory Documents.


2.1. WORK2ONLINE PORTAL RESALE sp. z o.o., hereinafter referred to as "We" or "the Company'', offers a legal entity and/or an individual who has reached the age of 18 and is fully capable to conclude an Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement" or "Rules'') governing the use of the Service WORK2.PRO, which allows the User to:
a) to get access to the Database of Specialists;
b) to carry out algorithmic search and selection of Specialists;
c) to publish and manage published Tasks (applications for the provision of services or the performance of work);
d) to obtain information and technical capabilities for conducting Safe transactions between the Customer and the Specialist within the framework of the Service functionality  and manage the process of making transactions on the Service;
e) receive information and technical support when using the Services of the Service;
f) exchange data, information and messages between other Users, as well as between Users and the Company.
2.2. At the request of the User, the Company provides advanced information and technical capabilities, the list of which is specified in clause 2.1. of the Rules, as well as the right to use the resources of the Services for their intended purpose, including by accessing the Account using personal computers and mobile devices and using the Account under the terms of a simple (non-exclusive) license in the territory of access to the Service, the Account and their functions, for the period during which the Service, the Account and their functions remain available to the User.
2.3. Real Rules :
govern the procedure for using the Service, as well as the relationships arising from the use of the Service by Users for the purpose of placing and performing Tasks, the
- purpose of which is the use of works, services to meet personal, family, home and other needs.
- determine the general conditions of the obligations arising between the Company and the User regarding the provision of the Services of the Service, as well as the commission by the Users of other actions specified in clause 2.1. Rules.
2.4. The Company does not act as an agent, commission agent, representative, attorney, friend, employer, customer, Specialist of any person, including, but not limited to, a Specialist or Customer. The Company is not liable for the obligations of such persons, including those arising between such persons. Any relationship between Users is strictly bilateral without the participation of the Company, unless otherwise expressly defined by these Rules.
2.5. Users independently determine the type and form of their relationship, negotiate the details of their interaction, apply legislation to their relationship, conclude contracts of the desired type, provide each other with documents, and so on. These terms and conditions may be supplemented and specified in the future by the parties entering into separate agreements (transactions) on the provision of services through the Service on the basis of the Agreement.
2.6. The Visitor, performing any actions on the use of the Service (browsing pages on the Service, Registering, sending the Task, calling the Company's contact numbers indicated on the Service website and other actions) expresses his full and unconditional consent (acceptance) with the terms of the Rules on the use of the WORK2.PRO Service, posted on the Internet at: https://work2.pro/agreement as a public offer in accordance with Art. 66 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Poland, as well as based on the provisions of the Law of July 18, 2002 “On the provision of services in electronic form”.
2.7. These Rules are also a license agreement on the terms of use of the Service software. The Company grants the Users a personal non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the resources of the Service and the software provided by the Service in accordance with these Rules, provided that neither the User nor any other persons, with the assistance of the User, will perform the following actions:
- to copy or modify the software of the Service;
- to create programs derived from the software of the Service;
- on penetration into the software in order to obtain the codes of the programs used in the Service;
- for the sale, assignment, leasing, transfer to third parties in any other form of rights in relation to the software of the Service;
- to modify the Service, including for the purpose of obtaining unauthorized access to it;
- and other similar ones listed above and violating the rights of the Company.
2.8. Users independently assess the legality of their use of the Service, including from the point of view of the legislation of the country of which they are residents.
2.9. By accepting the terms of these Rules by Acceptance, the User (including the Verified User) guarantees the Company that:
- provided reliable data, including personal data, when registering in the Service and reliable data of the User (including ID) when making a payment for
  transactions through the Service;
- fully familiarized with the terms of the Rules;
- fully understands the meaning and consequences of their actions in relation to the conclusion and execution of these Rules;
- has all the rights and powers necessary for the conclusion and execution of these Rules.
2.10. Visitors/Users guarantee that they will carry out the use of the Service in a manner that will not violate the rights of third parties. Visitors/Users guarantee that they have the rights to use the materials posted by them on the Service.
2.11. The User undertakes to independently at least 1 (one) time in two calendar weeks to get acquainted with the current version of these Rules for changes, additions, clarifications made by the Company.
2.12. The User acting as a Specialist is obliged to promptly provide the Customer with the necessary and reliable information about his works, services, as well as about the materials used in the performance of works, the provision of services, including their basic properties, ensuring the possibility of their correct choice by the Customer. 


3.1. User Registration:
3.1.1. A person wishing to become a User and access the Company's Services through the Service must complete the Registration procedure on the relevant page of the Service and must be a legal or natural person eighteen (18) years of age or older who can enter into legally binding contracts.
3.1.2. By becoming a registered User, you agree to:
a) comply with these Rules and the processes, procedures and recommendations described on the Service;
b) be financially responsible for your use of the Service and the purchase or provision of services; 
c) fulfill their obligations as a Specialist chosen by the Customer. The Service reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse, suspend or terminate the provision of the Services to anyone.
3.1.3. When registering on the Service, the User must select one of the tabs with the status as which the User wishes to register on the Service: "Specialist" or "Customer" and click on the "Register" button and fill out the Registration form specifying the following information:
a) email address;
b) come up with a password and confirm it;
c) last name and first name of the User
d) the country and/or location of the User;
e) put a check mark in a special field “I agree to the Terms of use of the Service and to the processing of personal data”
3.1.4. When registering, the User is assigned the pair of Login plus Password chosen by him. Upon completion of the Registration in the Service, the User is granted access to the Account using the credentials - e-mail address (login) and password. The User can change the password and email address at any time after Registration. Registration on the Service is free and voluntary.
3.1.5. The User can go through the Registration procedure only once. The user is solely responsible for the safety and confidentiality of registration data (login and password), including from third parties. The Company does not bear any responsibility in case of violation of the User's rights by third parties who have obtained unauthorized access to the User's Login and Password.
3.1.6. After Registration in the Service, the User is assigned the status chosen by him and is given the opportunity to enter additional information about himself (Personal data and other information about himself) in the Personal Account, namely:
a)   a photo for the Account;
b) telephone number;
c) indicate additional information about yourself that you consider necessary to provide:
for a Specialist - work experience, skills, as well as examples of works and/or services;
for the Customer - information about his project or about himself (if desired)
d)   links to social networks (if available and desired).
3.1.7. When registering in the Service, the User is obliged to provide the Company with the necessary reliable and up-to-date information for the formation of the User Account, including a unique Login (email address) and Password for each User to access the Service, as well as a surname and first name.
3.1.8. The status of a Verified User is provided by the Administration after receiving from the User the information necessary for using the Service at the time of Registration, as well as an identity document of the User when requesting a withdrawal of funds from the Balance account or making settlements between Users. The Company has the right to refuse verification to the User without explaining the reasons for the refusal, regardless of the costs and efforts incurred by the User during the Verification procedure.
3.1.9. The status of a Verified User or Specialist can be removed from the User at any time at the discretion of the Company in case of violations on the part of the User, which may lead to a strict warning (temporary ban) or deprivation of the status of a Verified User (permanent ban), the list of which is set out in clause 3.3. of these Rules.

3.2. Account Usage Rules
3.2.1. The Specialist in his Account has the ability to edit his personal data, post his works / portfolio or indicate information about his activities, add and delete Offers of services and / or works, the ability to view correspondence and the history of completed Tasks, edit information in the Offers of services and / or works , respond to the Customer's requests and send Offers to the Customer, view Feedback about yourself, as well as cancel them, indicating the reason for the cancellation, change the security of your Account, make settlement transactions through the payment services of the Service, etc.
3.2.2. The Customer in his Account has the ability to edit his personal data, view the Database of Specialists, indicate information about himself, view Tasks previously posted on the Service, view reviews about himself and write reviews about other Users, create and cancel Tasks, indicating the reason for the cancellation, change the security of his Account, view and answer questions asked by the Customer, add the Specialist you like to Favorites, make settlement transactions through the payment services of the Service, etc.
3.2.3. The User has the right to delete his Account at any time only after all Tasks and / or Offers have been completed and delivered. If the User decides to delete his Account, he agrees to the permanent deletion of such Account. Accounts deleted by mistake can be restored within 30 days by contacting the support service of the Service. Under no circumstances will the User be able to create a new Account using the same email address, phone number and payment details that were used in the previously deleted Account. If the User had funds on the Balance prior to the deletion of his Account, he must withdraw all funds before such deletion. The User will not be able to delete his Account until all funds have been withdrawn.
3.2.4. The User is solely responsible for the security and stability (including resistance to guessing) of the means chosen by him to access the Account, and independently ensures their confidentiality.
3.2.5. The User is solely responsible for all actions (as well as their consequences) committed using the Account, including cases of voluntary transfer of data by the User to access the Account to third parties on any terms (including transactions, agreements, contracts)
3.2.6.  At the same time, all actions performed using the Account of a specific User are considered to be performed by this User himself, except for cases when the User notified the Company about unauthorized access using the account or about another violation (suspicion of violation) of the confidentiality of his means of access to the Account.
3.2.7. For security purposes, the User is obliged to independently perform a safe shutdown of the Account: use the "Log Out" command in the Service interface, which safely ends the data exchange session between the User's equipment and the Service equipment at the end of each session. The Company is not responsible for the possible loss or damage of data, as well as other consequences of any nature that may occur due to the User's violation of the provisions of these Rules.

3.3. Requirements for Accounts in the Service.
3.3.1. The Company prohibits the User: Place identical or similar ads, regardless of the specified location or the selected category, including through different or "fake" Accounts. Use in personal data (photo, first name, last name):
a)  obscene expressions;
b) false information, including being presented by "administration", "moderator", "support", "manager", etc.;
c) expressions of extremist content;
d) Expressions calling for violence;
e) advertising and contact information (phone numbers, website addresses, account names on third-party Internet services). Mass mailing of messages (spam) to other Users of the Service from the User Account. Reproduce, distribute, process for commercial or non-commercial purposes the software elements of the Service in the absence of the Administration's permission to perform these actions. Register as a User on behalf of or instead of another person, distort information about yourself and your age. To mislead Users about their identity by using the login of another registered User. Upload, store, publish, distribute and provide access to or otherwise use viruses, Trojans and other malicious programs. To use, without special permission from the Company, automated scripts (programs) to collect information from the Service in any way, including, but not limited to, by deception, breach of trust, hacking, trying to gain access to the login and Account of another Use To carry out illegal collection and processing of personal data of other persons. Use the email address and/or phone number of another User for the purposes of direct advertising or other unsolicited electronic messages, as well as for other illegal actions or actions committed without the knowledge and/or consent of the other party. To give out works for their own works when the author of the work is another User, as well as to publish someone else's private or confidential information, or to perform any other actions that violate the rights of other persons, including intellectual property rights. To post personal data of third parties on the Service without their consent, including, but not limited to: home​ ​ addresses, phone numbers, passport​ ​ data, email addresses. To use obscene language, to carry out or disseminate information containing calls for mass riots, extremist activities, participation in mass (public) events held in violation of the established procedure, to disseminate information necessary to obtain the results of intellectual​ ​ activities.

3.4. Termination of the Account
3.4.1. Each User has the right to delete his Account at any time by notifying the Company or the Support Service of his decision. Deleting the Account entails the termination of access to the functionality of the Service, access to which was carried out by the User through the account.
3.4.2. The account can be deleted:
a) by the User using the command in the Service interface;
b) The Company in case of inactivity of the Account for 12 (twelve) months. Inaction will mean the complete absence of authorizations (successful logins to the Account with the login and password, as well as other actions aimed at using the Service);
c) By the Company in case of violation by the User of the terms of Regulatory documents.
3.4.3. The Company has the right to block or delete the User's Account, as well as to prohibit access to certain sections of the Service using the Account, as well as to delete the Customer's Task or the Specialist's Proposal in case of violation by the User of these Rules, Privacy Policy, current legislation of the Republic of Poland, including the following cases:
- subject to the placement by the User of illegal and / or inaccurate information, as well as in violation of the essential conditions of these Rules;
- when providing at the time of Registration in the Service false or fictitious information about himself, his professional activities, his work, fictitious information in the Task, provided that the User does not make the appropriate changes.


4.1. Placement by the Customer of the Task:
4.1.1. The Customer is given the opportunity to choose a Specialist from the Database of Specialists or receive Specialist's Proposals for the Tasks published in the Service.
4.1.2. Placement of the Task by the Customer in the Service requires:
a) filling out the form available in the Service in the section “All tasks”, by filling it out and providing the following information: the name of the Task; a description of the work or service being ordered that is sufficient to complete the Task and is essential for the Customer; select the Category of the Task, specify the price and deadline for completing the Task; other information and/or graphic materials necessary for the quality of the Task.
b) activation of the Task by making a payment (in full) in the manner specified in section 6 of the Rules.
4.1.3. Before placing the Task, the User (Customer) must make sure that the information in the created Task does not violate these Rules and is true and complete. The Customer determines the content of the Task independently.
4.1.4. If the Customer's order differs in description and scope from the service described by the Specialist in the Proposal, and the Specialist has accepted the Order, the priority shall be given to the Customer's Order.
4.1.5. TheTask must indicate the correct category of service or work and contain only information related to the Task.
4.1.6. It is forbidden to post Tasks that are “dummy”, “fictitious” or contain “false, misleading” information.
4.1.7. The сontent of the Task should reflect the actual intention to order a service or perform work at the price specified in this Task.
4.1.8. Customers are required to pay for Tasks in advance. The Company’s partners withhold payments until completion.
4.1.9. A Moderator before publication in the catalog can check the Customer’s task. The Company reserves the right to change or delete Tasks that violate these Rules and/or Regulatory Documents.

4.2. The Specialist's offer:
4.2.1. Registration and provision of a Proposal by a Specialist is carried out using the technical means of the Service.
4.2.2. The Specialist's offer must contain a description of the work sufficient for its execution, the Price of the Offer, the deadline for completing the Task, and other conditions for performing the Work that are essential for the Customer.
4.2.3. The Specialist's offer is considered accepted by the Customer from the moment the Specialist is selected by the Customer using the technical means of the Service. The technical means of the Service allow to identify the choice of the Specialist made under the Customer's Login. Information about the choice of a Specialist will be stored using the software and hardware of the Service. The choice of a Specialist using the technical means of the Service is an analogue of the Customer's handwritten signature.
4.2.4. Sending a Proposal to a Specialist is an Offer of a Specialist to the Customer to conclude a transaction between themselves.
4.2.5. The Customer has the right to change, supplement or clarify the Task, adjust it or cancel it before the Specialist sends a Proposal.
4.2.6. The Specialist has the right to contact the Customer with a request to clarify the terms of the Offer. The Specialist also has the right to request from the Customer additional materials or information necessary to complete the Task.
4.2.7. The Offer and the Task cannot provide for the performance of work that is contrary to the legislation of the Republic of Poland or other norms and principles of international law.
4.2.8. Specialists are prohibited from misleading Customers about the services they provide. Violations will result in sanctions and/or permanent blocking of the Specialist Account.


5.1. Completing a Task
5.1.1. The Specialist undertakes to perform the work or services in strict accordance with the Task and the Offer accepted by the Customer.
5.1.2. The Specialist has the right to independently determine the procedure and methods for performing work or providing services, unless otherwise specified in the Task.
5.1.3. The work is performed by a Specialist personally, unless otherwise specified in the Taskt or agreed with the Customer. From the moment of agreeing on the essential conditions of the Task, the Parties conclude an agreement.
5.1.4. The quality of the work performed or the service provided must meet the conditions of the Task, and in the absence of such conditions – meet the requirements usually imposed on works or services of this kind.
5.1.5. The work must be completed within the time specified in the Assignment or and agreed in correspondence by the Parties. The Specialist can perform and transfer the completed Task to the Customer ahead of schedule, and the Customer undertakes to accept and pay for it. The Task is marked as completed after its approval by the Customer or after the completion of the arbitration (in case of a dispute).
5.1.6. The specialist confirms that he has completed the work within the scope of the Task by clicking on the "Task completed" buttons. Pressing the specified button by a Specialist is an analogue of a Specialist's handwritten signature.
5.1.7. After the delivery of the completed Task, the Customer has three working days (or four days if more than one day falls on the weekend) to confirm the completion. If the Customer does not approve or request changes during this period, the Task will be automatically approved and will be considered completed. Completed Tasks cannot be canceled.
5.1.8. The Customer confirms acceptance of the completed Task by clicking the "Task completed" button. From the moment the "Task completed" button is clicked, the task is considered to have been completed properly and accepted without comments. Pressing the specified button by the Customer is an analogue of the Customer's handwritten signature.
5.1.9. According to the Rules of the Service, the Task performed by a Specialist must be of high quality. When a completed Task contains an excessive number of objectively verifiable errors, the Task is considered incomplete and not completed to the end.

5.2. Task Canceling
5.2.1. Both the Customer and the Specialist have the right to cancel any Task, indicating a good reason for the cancellation. After confirmation of the cancellation by the other party, the payment is returned to the Customer. If the Client decides to cancel the Task because the Specialist missed the deadline, the funds will be returned to the Customer immediately without the need for confirmation from the Specialist.
5.2.2. The Specialist cannot cancel the Task based on the Customer’s subjective assessment of the completed Task, if the service was provided in accordance with the information provided in the Task by the Customer.
5.2.3. The Company reserves the right to cancel any Task or Offer that violates these Rules by notifying the Customer or the Specialist at any time, including for the following reasons: The Customer does not accept the completed Task within 72 hours, misses the deadline, or does not respond for more than two weeks. Users show aggressive behavior, use Task materials (for example, personal information, results of intellectual activity) against each other, or Customers threaten Specialists with a bad review. Users have provided or included materials that violate the intellectual property rights of third parties. Users refuse to provide services, files, or information necessary to complete a Task with the intention of receiving positive feedback, additional services, or additional payment. The Specialist submits the Task for approval without a complete result in order to extend the deadline for completing the Task. The Specialist must perform the work or provide a service that corresponds to the description of the Task and meets all the requirements of the Customer. Failure to comply with this requirement will allow the Customer to cancel the Task and may damage the status of a Specialist after the deadline.
After the deadline the task is marked as overdue. The Company reserves the right to cancel any completed orders or Tasks placed in the Service if they seriously violate the Rules of Use of the Service (for example, the type of service is prohibited or the Task may be fraudulent, etc.). In such cases, the amount paid for the canceled Task will be refunded to the Customer's Balance or will be deducted from the Balance of the Specialist or, if There are not enough funds on the Specialist's balance sheet, from the future income of the Specialist. Funds for such Tasks will be withdrawn from the Specialist's Balance regardless of when the Task was completed.
5.2.4. Partial cancellation is not possible. A task can be canceled completely only if there is a valid reason for cancellation. Valid reasons for cancellation include, but are not limited to:
- The Specialist used materials that violate the intellectual property of the other party or third parties.
- The Specialist cannot send the completed Task due to a technical failure of the Service;
- The Customer did not acquire the right to commercial use of the results of the work performed or the service rendered and used the result of the work performed or
   the service rendered for commercial purposes, etc.


6.1. Settlement procedure:
6.1.1. By accepting the terms of these Rules, the User agrees that the Company does not provide the User with paid services and does not accept payments or payments in favor of the Users. To make payments, the User is obliged to read and accept the terms of the Payment Partner specified in clause 1.28 of the Rules.
6.1.2. The Company cooperates with Partners to accept payments from Customers, transfer such payments from Customers to Specialists and store funds on User Balances. Partners perform all services related to the withdrawal of funds on the Service.
6.1.3. Users can make calculations by depositing funds to the Balance with their subsequent automatic payment to the Contractor after confirming the completion of the Task, as well as by paying for the services of the Contractor performed without prior crediting, after confirming the completion of the Task. While the Specialist is working on the Customer's Task, the Partners withhold the Customer’s payment. 
6.1.4. All payments, payments and refunds when using the Service are made by the User through the functionality and services of the Partners in accordance with the terms, conditions and commissions established by the Service and the Partners of the Service. You can read the terms of service provided by the Service Partners in their offers posted on the relevant pages of the website (Wise, Stripe, FinexIQ)
6.1.5. Specialists allow Partners to receive and transfer payments from the Customer's account to the Specialist's account. All Users authorize Partners and/or the Service to withhold the Company's Service Fee based on these Rules for the use of the Service's Services and other fees (if applicable).
6.1.6. All funds available for withdrawal will be stored on your behalf on the Partner's account in the Service. The Company reserves the right to freeze the transfer of funds through any of the Partners in case of detection of any suspicious or fraudulent actions on the Service or in case of cancellation of the Task.
6.1.7. When registering, the User is given the opportunity to create a personal account - Balance, which can be used in the implementation of mutual settlements between the Customer and the Specialist. Replenishment of the Balance is made by the User using the methods available in the Service. The user can track the status of his Balance.
6.1.8. The Company is not responsible for changing the state of the User's Balance due to the actions of third parties. It is not possible to transfer funds from a User's Balance to another User's Balance.
6.1.9. Funds credited to the Balance by the User independently can be returned to the latter by the same payment method used to make the transfer. The terms for the return of funds are determined by the technical capabilities of the payment services of the Partners, with the help of which the Balance was replenished.
6.1.10. In order to deposit / withdraw funds, make payments (through the use of the services of the Payment operator), the User must confirm his identity, address, other information at the request of the Company, the Verification Service, the Payment Partner by uploading the relevant documents in the User's Personal Account on the Service ("Verification" - 1.36. Rules).
6.1.11. When performing Verification, the Company does not collect, process or store the User's personal data. These actions with personal data are carried out only by the Verification Service.
6.1.12. The User can deposit and store an unlimited amount of funds on the Balance in the Personal Account.
6.1.13. For the performance of the Tasks, the User can receive payment from the Customers for the Tasks completed by the Specialist.

6.2. «Safe Deal» Procedure Rules
6.2.1. The Company provides the Customer and the Specialist with an information space in the Service for making transactions between the Customer and the Specialist on the transfer of the results of the work performed or services rendered by the Specialist on the Customer's Instructions, on acceptance and payment of the results of the completed Task by the Customer.
6.2.2. Specialists and Customers undertake to use Partner payment services for all transactions carried out through the Service. The Service hosts a payment page for the User to make payments through Partners.
6.2.3. It is forbidden to make payments outside the Service. If the User is asked to use an alternative payment method, he must immediately contact the Service Support Service.
6.2.4. Settlements between the Customer and the Specialist are carried out using and on the terms of the functionality of the Safe Deal Service. The unconditional and full acceptance (acceptance) of the terms of the transaction between the Customer and the Specialist is the implementation by the Users of the following implicit actions:
- Publication of the Task by the Customer in the Service;
- Acceptance of the terms of the Task (volume, quality, deadlines, cost of work and their payment) in the information space of the Service by the Specialist;
- Confirmation by the Customer and the Specialist of their agreement with the terms of the Transaction (published Task).
6.2.5. Reservation of funds by the Customer is an implicit instruction of the Customer for automatic transfer of funds to the Specialist upon successful completion of the Task or return of funds to the Customer upon unsuccessful completion of the Task.
6.2.6. Paid funds are transferred to the Specialist only after the completion of the Task. It is also possible to deposit funds to the Balance in advance before placing the Task or accepting the Specialist's Offer in order to spend these funds on future Tasks. It is prohibited to perform unpaid (test) tasks and carry out operations outside the scope of the Task. Violations may result in temporary or permanent suspension of your Account.
6.2.7. The Company does not have access to payment information provided by Users to Partners.
6.2.8. By making payments and/or providing payment details at the time of making a Secure Transaction, you represent and warrant that:
- you are legally authorized to make payments using the payment method you have chosen;
- your actions do not violate the current legislation.
6.2.9. Tasks can be paid with debit and credit cards. Additional payment methods may be available in some places. Customers can also use funds that may be on their Balance Sheet.
6.2.10. When ordering services/performance of work by a Specialist or an individual Offer, Customers agree to pay Specialists for their services together with all related commissions and fees. When making a transaction, Users see the total amount to be paid.
6.2.11. Specialists agree that payment through the participation of Partner services is equivalent to payment by the Customer directly to the Specialist.
6.2.12. The Customer's payment obligation to the Specialist will be fulfilled after the Partner receives the payment. The Partner is responsible for transferring funds to the Specialist's Balance. At the same time, if the Partner does not transfer any amounts to the Specialist, the Specialist must contact the Company, and must not communicate directly with the Customer or Partners.
6.2.13. For the transfer of funds (withdrawal of funds), an additional commission is charged in accordance with the terms of the Partner or the Service.
6.2.14. In case of disagreement between the Customer and the Specialist, failure or violation by one of the Parties of the transaction of one or more clauses of these Rules or the terms of the transaction, the Company has the right to make a decision on the transaction at its discretion.
6.2.15. The company accompanies transactions, monitors the execution of the transaction by the Parties (Customers and Specialists) the rules and regulations of the Partner's payment services.
6.2.16. The Company is not a participant (party) in the transaction between the Customer and the Specialist and does not act either on the side of the Customer or on the side of the Specialist.
6.2.17. By accepting the terms of these Rules, the Customer and the Specialist have stipulated and agree that the Company's possible decision to resolve disagreements and assess the fulfillment of the terms of the transaction is an agreed will of both Parties and is executed by them unconditionally, as accepted in compliance with the rights of each Party.

6.3. Transfer of funds
6.3.1. In order to receive the funds due to you, you must request such funds and indicate the method of transfer of funds of your choice available in the Service. Any such requests are subject to the terms and restrictions contained in the Service and in these Rules.
6.3.2. The funds refer to the money on the User's Balance. The specialist receives funds for completing Tasks. The Customer may have funds from replenishing the Balance due to the placement of future Tasks or in the case of a refund to the Balance after the cancellation of the Task. Funds can be withdrawn or used for purchases on the Service in accordance with these Rules.
6.3.3. Currency: payments are made in Euros and therefore the Company is not responsible for currency fluctuations that occur when invoicing or crediting funds to a credit, debit card, electronic wallet denominated in a currency other than Euro, as well as for currency fluctuations that occur when receiving or sending a payment by bank transfer, check or automatic information exchange center to your bank account, credit card account and back.
6.3.4. Users can create a withdrawal request on the Balance page. Withdrawal of funds is possible to the User's cards and electronic wallets specified by the User when withdrawing funds. All conclusions are final and cannot be reversed.
6.3.5. The Service or the Service Partners determine the withdrawal fee. It is displayed on the Balance page before creating a withdrawal request. By submitting a withdrawal request, you agree to the associated fees and acknowledge that the Company has no influence or control over the Partner's withdrawal fees.
6.3.6. In order to make payments to the User, as well as to return the funds deposited by the User, the Company, with the help of the Partner, has the right to verify the cardholder in order to avoid fraudulent actions, and also, at the request of the Partner, to make payments
6.3.7. Withdrawal schedule: Withdrawal requests are processed up to 72 (seventy-two) hours. The maximum amount for withdrawal of funds for one operation is 900 (nine hundred) Euro.
6.3.8. The Company reserves the right to suspend the User's ability to withdraw funds to prevent fraudulent or illegal actions or for other security reasons.

6.4. Taxes:
6.4.1. Users are responsible for paying any direct or indirect taxes, including any goods and services tax, VAT or income tax, which may apply to them depending on their place of residence, location or otherwise, in accordance with the provisions of their jurisdiction.
6.4.2. Sellers declare and guarantee that they always comply with their obligations under the income tax regulations in their jurisdiction. The prices indicated in the Service include all taxes and fees that may apply to Specialists.
6.4.3. Current legislation may require the Company or Partners to charge Users indirect taxes (such as sales tax, VAT or goods and services tax) or withhold taxes.
6.4.4. Any amount that the Company or Partners of the Service will have to collect will be added to the purchase amount and any other fees payable by Users, and any amount that the Company or Partners will have to withhold will be deducted from the Specialist's income in accordance with the requirements of current legislation.
6.4.5. Indirect taxes are added to the price indicated in the Service. Any such taxes will always be displayed to Customers before the payment of the Task.


7.1. When using the Service, the User is prohibited from:
- register as a User on behalf of or instead of another person ("fake account");
- to mislead Users about their identity by using the Username and Password of another registered User;
- misrepresent information about yourself, your age, or your relationships with other persons or organizations;
- upload, store, publish, distribute and provide access to or otherwise use any information that: contains threats, discredits, insults, defames the honor and dignity
  or business reputation or violates the privacy of other Users or third parties;
- violates the rights of minors;
- is vulgar or obscene, contains pornographic images and texts or scenes of a sexual nature involving minors;
- promotes and/or promotes incitement to racial, religious, ethnic hatred or enmity, promotes fascism or the ideology of racial superiority;
- promotes criminal activity or contains tips, instructions or guidelines for committing criminal acts, contains information of limited access, including, but not limited to,
  state and commercial secrets, information about the private life of third parties;
- it is illegal to upload, store, publish, distribute and provide access to or otherwise use the intellectual property of Users and third parties;
- use the software and perform actions aimed at disrupting the normal functioning of the Service or Users' personal pages;
- attempt to gain access to the Login and Password of another User or to carry out illegal collection and processing of personal data of other persons;
- to post any other information that is undesirable for any reason for posting on the Service, for example, does not meet the goals of creating the Service, infringes
  on the interests of Users, etc.;
- send any contact details to the Customer if the User is not selected as a Specialist;
- to carry out actions aimed at making transactions with the Customer and (or) a Specialist outside the Service, using the information received on the Service;
- is fraudulent in nature;
- and also violates other rights and interests of citizens and legal entities or the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Poland.


8.1. The Parties undertake to comply with the terms of these Rules. The Company has the right to make changes to the Rules at any time. Users are duly notified of such changes from the moment the updated version of the Rules is published on the main page of the Service.
8.2. The Company has the right to change the terms of provision of information technology services at any time and set a payment for providing access to the Service.
8.3. The Parties are considered to be familiar with the updated Terms of Use by Users of the Service from the date of publication on the main page of the Service of information about such changes.
8.4. In case of changes in addresses, details, personal, personal, professional and commercial data and information of the Parties that they consider necessary to disclose or are required to disclose in accordance with the Law or in compliance with these Rules, the Parties undertake to immediately enter updated information into their Account.
8.5. In case of violation of these Rules in whole or in part, the Company has the right to suspend the fulfillment of obligations with respect to the violating Party.
8.6. The Company has the right to suspend the operation of the Service in whole or in part for preventive maintenance without additional notice.
8.7. In case of doubts about the legality of using the Service, as well as in case of significant violations of the terms of these Rules, the Company has the right to immediately block or delete the account of the relevant User and all information published in the Service about him.
8.8. If the User does not use the Account for more than 6 consecutive months, the Company has the right to remove such an Account from the Service Database without additional notice.
8.9. The Parties are not entitled to transfer the data of the Parties, including data obtained during Registration, personal information, personal data, commercial information to any third parties without the express consent of the disclosing Party.


9.1. If the User's actions violate the provisions of the Rules, the Company, depending on the type and scale of the violation, may:
- require the User to provide additional documentation confirming the User's data, including documents on professional activity or education;
- provide the user with an email warning;
- suspend access to certain functions of the Service or to the Service as a whole for a certain or indefinite period.
9.2. You use the services of the Service at your own risk. All functions of the Service are provided to you in the legal mode "as is", which is permitted by applicable law when granting the right to use the software. This includes the following:
a) The Company does not accept any responsibility for the compliance of the Service with the goals, expectations, ideas, tastes, ideas of the User;
b) The Company cannot guarantee that the functions of the Service will always be provided continuously, quickly, reliably, without errors, that the results that can be obtained using the Service will be accurate and reliable and can be used for any purpose or in any capacity;
c) Under no circumstances can the Service be considered as a reliable and reliable tool for determining facts, including facts of legal significance: for example, the Service cannot be used to prove or refute authorship, establish information about the rights of authors and rights related to copyright, exclusive rights, rights of use, any other rights;
d) The User independently evaluates the compatibility of his equipment with the functions of the Service, independently configures his equipment for data exchange with the Service, independently bears the risk of consequences of using the functions of the Service on his equipment;
e) Since the Service is constantly in the stage of adding and updating functionality, and from time to time is in the mode of testing new functions, the form, type, nature, characteristics of the functions of the Service may change from time to time without prior notice to the User and without reflecting each such change in any Regulatory Documents. The Company has the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate or change (temporarily or permanently) the provision of certain functions of the Service to all Users, certain categories of Users or a specific User in particular, without prior notice;
f) The Company has the right to set restrictions on the use of certain functions of the Service for all Users, for certain categories of Users, for a specific User;
g) The Company is not responsible for any kind of losses resulting from the use of the Service as a whole or its individual functions, including lost profits, damage, harm caused by the use of the Service, content, other materials and functions to which the User or other persons have gained access through the Service, even if the Company has warned or indicated the possibility of causing such loss, damage or harm.
9.3. The Company undertakes to make all reasonable efforts to properly provide the services, however, it is not responsible and does not compensate for the User's losses if the user is unable to use the services for the following reasons:
a) technological failures of public communication channels through which access to the services is carried out, loss of Internet access by the User for any reason, errors, omissions, interruptions in operation or data transmission, communication line defects and other technical failures;
b) unauthorized interference in the operation of the Service by third parties, including hacking, DDoS attacks, actions of virus programs and other violations of the Service;
c) loss of User access to the Account, including if there are signs of unauthorized use of it;
d) upon the occurrence of force majeure circumstances.

9.4. User's responsibility for their actions
9.4.1. You are responsible for any actions performed on the Service using your data to log in to the Service Account (including actions of employees and third parties) and for losses that may arise due to unauthorized use of your Account and a simple electronic signature.
9.4.2. In case of theft, loss of login data, you independently take the necessary measures to change the password to access your Account. The Company is not responsible for the actions of third parties resulting in theft, loss of your login data, as well as any costs, damages or lost profits incurred by you in connection with unauthorized access by third parties to your Account.


10.1. Any disputes and disagreements between the Customer and the Specialist are resolved through one-on-one negotiations or with the involvement of a Support Service specialist. If the negotiations were not successful, the Customer or the Specialist has the right to apply to arbitration with a request for an independent assessment of the results of the Specialist's work and their compliance with the Task.
10.2. The Company does not consider requests to Arbitration that have been received:
- after the results of the Specialist's work are accepted by the Customer;
- before the deadline for the completion of the work by the Specialist expired and the Specialist in the chat did not express an explicit intention to no longer continue
  working on the Task.
10.3. In order to apply for Arbitration, the User must follow the link “Arbitration” in the Help section located on the Assignments page, indicate the appropriate category and fill out the Arbitration form. The Arbitration link appears after the order is submitted for review. The Entry must contain the name of the Applicant's User, the name of the other party to the dispute's User, the number and identification of the contested Job, and evidence supporting your position in the dispute.
10.4. Within 3 working days from the date of receipt of the request for Arbitration, the Company contacts the Customer and the Specialist via chat and takes measures to clarify the causes of the dispute and its settlement. The Customer and the Specialist undertake to provide all information that may be requested by the Company for the purposes of conducting an independent evaluation of the result of the work.
10.5. If the measures to resolve the disputed situation did not lead to a successful resolution of the conflict, then within up to 3 working days, the Company, without acting on the part of either the Customer or the Specialist, on the basis of its own independent opinion, conducts an independent assessment of the results of the Specialist's work and compliance with their Assignment.
10.6. When conducting an independent evaluation, the Company takes into account only the correspondence and files that are available in the correspondence on the Service and within the time limits set in it. Correspondence, including screenshots, and files outside the Service, are not considered by the Company when conducting an independent assessment due to the inability to verify their authenticity.
10.7. The Company has the right to refuse to settle disagreements and assess the fulfillment of the terms of the transaction on the Assignment if it is not possible to consider the issue on the merits, including due to the technical features of the assignment, based on the materials submitted by the Customer within the established time.
10.8. Arbitrators do not evaluate the creative components of Tasks, including, but not limited to, colors, fonts and execution style.
10.9. A decision may be made based on the result of an independent evaluation conducted by the Arbitrators:
- on the compliance of the work result with the Task and the payment of reserved funds to the Specialist;
- about the inconsistency of the result of the work with the Task and the return of the reserved funds to the Customer.
10.10. The Company notifies the Parties about the Arbitration decision in correspondence. The decision made as a result of an independent assessment of the situation cannot be revised and is executed by the Parties to the Transaction unconditionally, as taken in compliance with the rights of each Party.
10.11. If the Specialist and the Customer have come to a mutual agreement regarding the partial payment of the completed Task, the Service Arbitrator, based on the wishes of both parties and these Rules, makes the decision.
10.12. The Customer has the right to leave a review on an order resolved through Arbitration in all cases, even if the Arbitration is decided in favor of a Specialist. The Customer cannot leave a review of an order that has passed through Arbitration only if the Customer's requirements exceed the volume of the order.


11.1. The User has the right to file complaints in case of non-performance or improper performance by the Company of the services provided within the framework of the Service, as well as in connection with the use of the Service resources.
11.2. Complaints should be sent to the Support Service by e-mail to the email address: support@work2.pro marked "Complaint".
11.3. The complaint must contain the User's data (first name, last name, postal address, email address and phone number), the number of the Task (Order) to which the complaint relates (if the number was assigned), or other data that allows identifying the Task, as well as circumstances justifying the complaint.
11.4. The complaint will be considered immediately, but no later than 30 days from the date of its receipt.
If the data specified in the complaint needs to be supplemented, the Company will immediately ask you to provide additional information within the specified period.
You will be notified about the settlement of the complaint by e-mail to the e-mail address specified in the complaint or through personal messages of the User Account.


12.1. The service is protected by copyright. All rights not granted to the user directly in accordance with the provisions of the Rules are reserved. Users may use the works and databases contained on the Service only within the framework of fair use provided for by the Law of February 4, 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights and the Law of July 27, 2001 on Database Protection. In particular, except for the cases specified in these rules, it is prohibited to carry out for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of the service provider: reproduction, copying, transmission, distribution or storage of part or all of the contents of the website of the online store, unless otherwise specified in the rules.
12.2. The Company, within the framework of these Rules, provides the User with a simple, gratuitous and non-transferable license for the use by the user of copyright property rights to works posted on the Service. The use of the Service and its contents is permitted for the User's own and non-commercial needs.
12.3 The license specified in clause 12.2. of the Rules is automatically terminated with the termination or fulfillment of the obligations of each of the Parties.
12.4. Unless otherwise specified, Specialists have no right to receive and cannot demand from the Customer any royalties received from the sale of their works.
12.5. Some works require the purchase of a license for commercial use. If the User (Customer) purchases the works for personal use, the Customer will own all the rights necessary for such use and will not need a license for commercial use.
12.6. However, if the Customer intends to use it for any purposes that are directly or indirectly related to any business or in any other way intended for profit, the Customer will need to purchase a license for the commercial use of such work. The parties agree on the conditions for obtaining a license independently.
12.7. Any transfer and assignment of intellectual property to the Customer is subject to full payment of the completed Task, while the result of the work cannot be used if the payment is canceled for any reason. Violation of this rule may lead to the blocking of the Customer's account.


13.1. The Company is not responsible for user content. However, if you find any content posted on the Service that may violate these Rules, you must inform the Company about it by email support@work2.pro. The Support Service reviews all requests.
13.2. All content uploaded by Users through the Service is considered User Content. The Company makes reasonable efforts to monitor the content uploaded to the Service, but cannot be held responsible for user content.
13.3. Users are individually responsible for their content and the consequences of its use, disclosure, storage and transmission.
13.4. Users are solely responsible for checking all files transmitted through the functionality of the Service for the content of viruses and malware.
13.5. The files provided in the correspondence and the Task form are stored on the Service for 3 years, after which they are deleted. Files from completed and paid Tasks that the Specialist attached to the final submission of the completed Task will be stored permanently.
13.6. By uploading or creating content to the Service, you represent and warrant that you own or have obtained all rights, licenses, consents, permissions, authority and/or authority necessary to use and/or download such content, and that such content or its use on the Service should not:
- violate any intellectual property, proprietary or privacy rights, data protection or publicity of any third party;
- violate any applicable local, state, federal and international laws, regulations and conventions;
- violate intellectual property, policies and/or these Rules, as well as Regulatory Documents of Service Partners.
13.7. Users (both Customers and Specialists) agree that, unless they explicitly indicate otherwise, the content they create/upload to the Service, including texts of Tasks, Proposals, photos, videos, user photos, user videos and any other information, including the display of completed work, may be used by the Company at its sole discretion for marketing and/or for other purposes.
13.8. If a violation is reported, the Company has the right to remove such content.
13.9. Users agree to reimburse any costs incurred by the Company in the event of a claim to the Service in respect of copyrights.


14.1. Advertising on the Service
14.1.1. The use of the Service may be accompanied by the demonstration of advertising to the User, including individually targeted (i.e. selected for a specific User or User groups), statistical research and analysis of the statistical data obtained.
14.1.2. We are responsible for advertising placed as part of the Service, within the limits established by the legislation of the Republic of Poland.
14.1.3. Advertising targeting, statistical research and analysis of the obtained statistical data are carried out taking into account the restrictions set out in the Privacy Policy.
14.1.4. As part of advertising and marketing activities, the Company may make temporary changes to the functions of the Service for a certain period, in relation to a certain group of Users, in relation to a specific User. Such changes are brought to the attention of interested parties as follows:
a) by posting rules for marketing and/or advertising events in the Service – if applicable law requires the posting of such rules; or
b) by displaying an informing message in the Service interface and/or in the Account; or
c) by sending a newsletter containing an informing message to the User's email address or to the personal messages of the User's Account.
14.2. Marketing
14.2.1. The Company has the right to conduct promotional and marketing campaigns and events, including long-term ones. The holding of such events is regulated by the relevant sections of Regulatory Documents, and in cases where applicable law requires the publication of the terms or rules of such an event in the form of a separate document, the holding of the event is additionally regulated by such a document published in the Service.


15.1. Technical support from the Company is provided by receiving requests for technical support from the User during each working day from 10:00 to 19:00 (Polish time). Technical support is provided remotely.
15.2. Technical support must be carried out within a period not exceeding 72 (seventy-two) hours from the date of receipt of the request from the User or, if it is technically impossible to fulfill the request, then no later than the specified period, the Company must provide a response about the impossibility of fulfilling the decision of the request.


16.1. The procedure for changing the Rules
16.1.1. The Company has the right to change the terms of any document regulating the activities of the Service, in connection with which the User undertakes to independently check the relevance of the text of these Rules and other Regulatory documents. The Company is considered to have changed the terms of the Regulatory Document, and the User is aware of the fact of making changes at the time of posting such changes on the Service.
16.1.2. The expired versions of the Regulatory Document are available in the Service in the “Archive" section.
16.2. Procedure for termination of these Rules:
16.2.1. These Rules come into force from the moment of acceptance and are valid indefinitely. Termination of the agreement is allowed at the will of one of the Parties. The Party shall inform the other Party of such termination immediately by sending a message to the email address, and the agreement shall be deemed terminated by one of the Parties from the moment of receipt of the notice of termination of the agreement by the other Party.
16.2.2. Such termination will not be considered a unilateral waiver of obligations. The Rules will continue to apply to the entire period from the moment the User agrees to them in accordance with the procedure established by section 2 of the Rules and until its termination at the will of one of the Parties.
16.2.3. The stated termination procedure applies by default to all Regulatory Documents, unless a different termination procedure is explicitly provided for in the relevant Regulatory Document.
16.2.4. In the event that the Company alienates the rights to the Service in favor of a third party (for example, when selling or otherwise transferring a business or part of a business), the User hereby consents to the assignment (transfer) of all rights and obligations under these Rules to this third party.

16.3. Methods of communication of the parties. Notifications
16.3.1. The User agrees to receive messages from the Company at the email address and in the personal messages of the User's Account.
16.3.2. The Company has the right to use User data for:
a) informing the User about the operation of the Service functions;
b) Informing the User about changes in Regulatory Documents;
c) Sending messages and newsletters of an advertising and informational nature to the User, subject to obtaining consent in a manner that meets the requirements of the legislation.
16.3.3. The User, in turn, undertakes to send all messages, notifications, statements and documents to the Company's email address or through the functionality of the Service.
16.3.4. Requesting and providing contact information, including, but not limited to, first name, last name, email address, phone number and social media accounts, as well as agreeing to communicate outside the Service is prohibited. Violations can lead to a decrease in the rating of a Specialist.
16.3.5. Exceptions are made for orders for which the exchange of contact information is clearly necessary. Examples include, among other things, providing an email address for setting up advertising campaigns, a link to a social network account that a Specialist will promote, and an identifier in a messenger for consulting services. Specialists should explicitly indicate the need for certain contact information in advance in the description of their Account or when sending an individual Offer.
16.3.6. The Specialists agree that any personal information provided by the Customers is confidential and cannot be transferred or used for any purpose other than to perform the Task.
16.3.7. All interactions between Specialists and Customers, including, but not limited to, the placement of Tasks, Proposals, payment, agreement of conditions, etc., must take place within the framework of the Service. The discussion of the Service commission in the correspondence between the Specialist and the Customer in most cases is conducted in order to conduct a transaction outside the Service and therefore is unacceptable and may lead to a downgrade of the Specialist or Customer.

16.4. Other provisions:
16.4.1. If certain provisions of the Rules are declared invalid or useless, the invalidity or ineffectiveness of this provision does not affect the validity or effectiveness of the remaining provisions of the Rules. The Company will make efforts to replace the invalid or ineffective provision with a new, legally binding provision.
16.4.2. In accordance with Article 6 of the Law of July 18, 2002 On the Provision of Services in Electronic Form (2002, No. 144, paragraph 1204, as amended), the service provider informs the User at his request, in the form chosen by him, about the special risks associated with the use of any services provided in electronic form.
16.4.3. The law applicable to these Rules is the legislation of the Republic of Poland.
16.4.4. All disputes related to the services provided within the framework of the Service will be resolved by the competent Polish courts of general jurisdiction.
16.4.5. If any provision of the rules is declared invalid by a lawful court decision, the remaining provisions remain in force.                                                                                                                      


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