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Getting Rid Of Trivia Mistakes

Hi Work!

Today we want to touch on such a topic as micro mistakes in work. This is when you wrote the text, made the design, coded something, but in the end, double-checked all 100 times, you notice some small mistakes.

Wrong stroke width, they put a hyphen instead of a dash, or the code did not compile because of a word error. Many people think that by making such blunders your professionalism is called into question. How do you prevent this from happening?

The first thought that comes to mind is to create an algorithm. We agree with that, but let's come up with a better word - automation.

It's normal for anyone to make mistakes. Those who don't skip the little things, in all likelihood, have too much time on their hands.

To reduce the number of errors, you need to reassign their checking. Specifically:

• In design, everything is standardized and stylized. All strokes, fonts, and colors must be set through styles, classes, and swatches, not manually. Don't allow yourself to set strokes and colors manually anymore. Any design elements should be set only through general rules, classes, and styles.

• In Figma, do everything through styles, classes, and components.

• In your text, make automatic spelling corrections wherever you can, and give all texts to a proofreader to check. Someone should have a fresh set of eyes to reread all texts before printing. No kidding: ask management to allocate money for this.

• If you were writing work letters, you would need ready-made response templates, proofread in advance by a proofreader.

The pitfall is that templating is extra work. And in the moment, it always seems easier to manually set the stroke here, manually specify the color there, manually apply the fill. And in the moment, it really is faster.

Saving time starts when you need to check a hundred layouts with a thousand fills each. That's when you thank yourself for doing everything on templates.

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