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9 Things You Can't Do On Websites In 2023

The world does not stand still and everything around it is developing. Along with this, consumer habits develop. While it used to be that a customer would go online and it was already a joy, now we've all become a little more fastidious. 

But for some reason, most companies still remain in the distant 2005's with the old designs and functional sites, going to which today, you want to go right out.

This short article is made to draw attention to a rather urgent problem of our companies. This may be the reason why you don't have as many clients as you would like.

PNG or JPEG icons and logos

Your company logo does not want to appear on the site in JPEG format. It doesn't like it that way, it wants to be beautiful at any scale. After all, it already has a small corner on the site. However, many people infringe on the rights of logos and upload them in the size of 5 by 10 pixels. If you enlarge it, it becomes ugly and pixelated. 

Redraw or search for customers with normal vector logos. 
Don't know how? Let's start with you! 
Edit your portfolio and reduce your search efforts.

Stock photos 

How great it is when a person from far away Australia or a girl of Asian appearance uses your services. You can tell right away that the company is international. But that's probably not the case. So far, you are only striving for that. 

And while you're at it, don't be lazy and take pictures of people - your customers. Stock photos – kringe. They took a camera or hired a photographer and went to take pictures. 
Sell a vacuum cleaner – take a picture of Dad with a vacuum cleaner.

Animation of the appearance of elements on info sites.

I came for information and I don't want to guess after which scroll it will appear. Or right now the user has a low internet speed. 

Perhaps your future client is snowboarding somewhere in the mountains and needed to purchase your premium products. But because of the speed of the Internet your animation did not load, everything broke down and he went to a competitor. 

Don't be like that.

Low image resolution

Friends, we have 4k in our phone. What kind of low quality are we talking about? But you shouldn't go to extremes either. 

Upload 40 GB pictures, because you will be able to see every line of your product on them. Better think about the copywriting and the sales funnel, captivate the user, make him see your product firsthand.

Pop-ups and consultants 

It's like someone is desperately forcing communication on me. Especially if you access the site from a cell phone. Half of the screen is dialogue with consultants, a quarter is advertising and, damn it, those notch on the iPhone. 

It's like being on a dating site where there's only one user named Monica. Yes, she's willing to answer any question, but...wait, why did I come to this site?

Registration by login 

Or get yourself a thousand accounts with the nickname jack125, jack521, jack215, etc. Ask the user what their name is, add a pinch of personalization and a time zone. And then you will have a wonderful conversion. 

Not "Your account: jack125," but "Good afternoon, Jack. We're glad to have you with us!”

Functionality and assortment only after registration 

It is better to let the person know what he is signing up for at all. Or are you not that good? Or are you afraid to show the prices to your competitors? Or your bosses only want good leads. Stop making life difficult for your future clients.

Provide trial access, be "transparent" and think better about how to make the user register and start using your product every day.
Old mockups of phones 
iPhones without buttons have been around for 5 years. And you sculpt them all. 
Also very cool look mocaps Vertu or Blackberries. It's a hype!


Use smart means of protection. Do not complicate the life of the employer.

And our wish, take care of the quality of your projects, even if the customer does not understand the need for something. Pull it up and make yourself a good portfolio, and good leads will reach out to you.

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