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What Jobs Will Be In Demand In The Next 5 Years?

The world doesn't stand still. Technology is evolving, the economy is turbulent, and people are looking for the most profitable ways in life. Consider what skills may come in handy in the near future and what professions you should pay attention to.

Before we move on to the breakdown, it should be said that over time, recruiters began to pay attention to other qualities and skills of candidates. If before it was important, for example, education and length of service, then now they pay attention to soft skills in the first place. But they don't forget about hard skills either.

  • Analytical mindset
  • Tendency to learn quickly
  • Stress Resistance
  • The Creative Mind
  • Technical focus
  • Initiative

Let's move on to the topical areas for the next 5 years in which you may need these qualities

1) IT

  • Data Scientist

Work with big data: reports, databases. The mere availability of data may not give anything, so you need a specialist who will structure them, analyze and produce a forecast. For this you need to understand machine learning and mathematical statistics.

  • Python Developer

In the world rankings Python holds a leading position and despite the fact that this programming language appeared in the 90's - it is still popular and never gets old. Most jobs do not require any additional knowledge, which is a big advantage when choosing Python.

  • Smart Environment Specialist

Smart environment has been gaining popularity in recent years and is moving forward by leaps and bounds. Such development of the area requires real pros and, of course, investments. First of all, the field is aimed at the construction of entire smart homes and even cities.

  • Roboticist

A broad field that needs new minds. Interesting is the direction of roboethics or, simply put, "a lawyer for a robot”. Such a person would be a mediator between the machine and the person, protecting the rights of both parties.

  • Cybersecurity

Against the backdrop of constant information threats, the field is more popular than ever. Security officers work to improve levels of data protection, prevent leaks and hacks, and investigate cybercrimes that have already occurred.

2) Society and Economy

  • Trendwatcher

A specialist who follows trends from the field of economics to all social spheres. Companies are interested in the employee himself and in his reports on new developments and their possible consequences - a necessary step for creating and promoting company policy.

  • Moderator of platforms for communicating with government agencies

Despite the fact that communication with public authorities has become easier thanks to apps, where, for example, you can complain about garbage collection or make suggestions, it is sometimes very difficult to draw the attention of officials to the problem. The moderator will be able to arrange a meeting between the mayor and the citizens.

  • Infostylist and Media Policeman

Infostylist deals with individual clients, adjusting the content to the interests and wishes of the user. And the media policeman protects order on the Web, and although today it is handled by the authorities, the growing number of cybercrimes says that a separate specialty is needed.

  • Gamifier

Will present knowledge in the form of a computer game. We are not talking about educational puzzles for children, but the game version of an English course or a history book.This presentation of the material will allow it to be quickly absorbed by both children and adults.

3) Virtual and augmented reality

  • VR/AR/MR engineers and programmers

Activities at the intersection of programming, environmental design, psychophysiology, neuropsychology and machine learning. Visiting the virtual environment - for a variety of purposes - will become commonplace in the near future.

In recent years you could see how human labor was gradually beginning to replace machine labor. Occupations and professions such as travel agent and tour guide, courier delivery service, fast food workers, accounting, driver, operator, bank employees, and stuntmen may disappear before 2027-2030s. Each of these occupations can be replaced by machine labor. That is why the demand for people who can "contact" them has now begun to increase.

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