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5 Difficulties In Working For Yourself, Which It Is Not Customary To Talk About

Forewarned means armed. There are difficulties everywhere. That's why we are preparing you for them. It just doesn't happen, no matter what path you choose. But you can make it easier for yourself.

Freelancing is not freedom.

It seems obvious, but no. Students at uni think: "They don't take anywhere without experience, the starting salary is small. I'm not going to get a job at the company. But in freelancing, you can work for yourself and enjoy freedom." If you want to earn decent money, you need to work as much as in the office. This is primarily a conversation about individual responsibility. Yes, you won't have a tight schedule. But your freedom is built from orders. And in another city or country also because of the time zone difference.

What pushes you forward? The ability to make independent decisions. You will be able to choose which projects to work with. But with time and experience.

Risk of downtime

You work on one project, it lasts 2-3 months. By the end, if you don't have a new order yet, you may fall out of the clip. Therefore, you need to promote and advertise yourself. This is a permanent condition that will save the work of your name on you.

You can discuss future projects during the execution of the main one. Mark the deadlines and you will not be lost.

A lot of mini bosses

Your client is your boss. And every new client is a new boss. You will need to learn to adapt. It's not always easy. People are different, and everyone has their own approach to work.

It is important to build a dialogue at the start. Through communication with the customer and building a clear framework of work will be easier. Set the basic principles for yourself: how much you work, when you don't work. Ask clarifying questions about the order. And do not hesitate to tell the customer if something suddenly goes wrong.

My own project manager

Many freelancers do not know how to build and comply with work deadlines. It infuriates customers. There are good performers who are only good when they are coordinated by a manager. Discipline is important.

If you know that it's hard for you to meet deadlines, either learn to work with them, or, sorry, it's not yours. Try to calculate the time of your work. Ask the customer for clear deadlines. It helps not to get discouraged.

Generational conflict

Does your grandmother even know such a word as freelance? Not everyone from the family understands what it is. I'll have to explain. Of course, this is the lesser of evils. But be prepared for misunderstanding on the part of loved ones.

The generation gap is not going anywhere. Try to be understanding. In the end, you like it and that's the most important thing.

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