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Learning to say "NO"

All your tasks are important and you can't give up anything. But there are so many that there is no end in sight. You do one, two appear. If you saw yourself in these words, then let's learn to say no together.

First you have to understand that the solution to this problem lies not in doing something faster, working longer. That's not the goal at all. Forget about it. You're not going to do this whole pile of tasks.

The challenge is to learn how to give up some things and build a hierarchy of them.

If you end up in the hospital (you don't need to), some of these cases will have to wait. Some of these cases will eventually dissolve.

Don't kid yourself: not everything you have in Trello right now is really a matter of life and death. If you want to get out of the trouble, you have to learn to tell yourself simple but important phrases:

  • «This one can wait quietly».
  • «This is where I say no».
  • «I'm not even going to answer that».

Become a little bit of a bastard. In a good way. Because more often than not, the most dependable,the most responsive people who don't know the word "no" get swamped. Learn that word. Be uncomfortable for those who want to burden you with extra.

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