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A Selection Of Headlines Used By Journalists And Marketers

There are a huge number of books on copywriting, in which experts talk about the formulas for the most effective headlines for readers.

An effective headline is one that hooks. It triggers readers, motivates them to read the post, wait for new ones, and repost.

Advertising agency founder and British entrepreneur David Ogilvy said back in the '60s: "Statistically, people read headlines five times more often than the main text.” If Time magazine in '62 described him as "the most famous wizard in the modern advertising industry," then his words are to be believed.

Well, let's not take too long. Let's start with the word-triggers.
  • how
  • who else
  • how much
  • everything
  • why
  • what
  • now
  • for free
  • which
  • where
  • if
  • finally
  • what if
  • when
  • before

The reader always wants the benefit of the article. It doesn't matter what it's about. To get the benefit, he must read it. For him to read it, the reader must be intrigued. And to be intrigued, you need to know the formulas.

  • "As you read this text, you will know..."
  • "Think back to when you..."
  • "Think forward to ___."
  • "To the time when..."
  • "What if we told you how..."
  • "Imagine..."
  • "Almost everyone has been in this situation..."
  • "Only a few people know about it..."
  • "In just about ___ minutes you'll know..."

American entrepreneur Joe Vitale talked about his techniques for making headlines in his books.

  • Focus on Positive Results
    "Teeth will be whiter in as little as 10 days!"
  • Satisfy the customer's "hidden" needs
    "How to earn applause or even a standing ovation whenever you give a speech."
  • Make an argument for.
    "3 reasons why you should do a full checkup"
  • Use reviews.
    "These two books made me the richest man in the world" (M. Forbes)
  • Offer something for free
    "Free - information on how not to pay unnecessary taxes."
  • Easy and fast
    "How to easily fix your roof in 1 hour and $100 and forget your problems for 30 years."
  • Test your readers
    "Take this test to find out what your IQ is in electric grid knowledge."
Causal words:
  • respectively
  • as a result of
  • because
  • therefore
  • due to which
  • for this reason
  • beginning with
  • therefore
  • therefore

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